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JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys is a team of experienced professionals in the field of IP protection, which offers comprehensive legal services for polish and foreign clients for over 25 years now. The dynamic development of the company and the desire to extend the range of services provided, allowed us to create JWP GROUP, which includes: JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys, JWP Attorneys at Law and JWP Foundation.
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The JWP Patent and Trademark Attorneys company was established in 1992. For over 25 years, it has been assisting in protection of the intellectual property rights. The jubilee celebrations took place in Warsaw on April 1, 2017.
JWP Patent and Trademark Attorneys was awarded with "Firm of the Year 2017" title by the Managing Intellectual Property magazine. The Ceremony at London Savoy Hotel was attended by managing partner Dorothy Rzążewska.
EUIPO has set JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys on the first place among the Polish representative on-line filers of trademark and industrial design applications. JWP has filed 47 applications (the number of entries in fourth quarter of 2016).
A recent decision of the TSUE concerning C-572/15 has addressed the issue of establishing the starting point from which the 15-year exclusivity period that determines SPC validity should be calculated in cases where a current member state [...]
According to EUIPO report, 83 billion € and 790 000 jobs are being lost every year across the EU due to counterfeiting and piracy, the victims being not only entrepreneurs, but also consumers.
In connection with the change of polish legal provisions that became effective on 14 October 2016, the method of calculation of fees in respect of trade mark and industrial design application and protection has been amended.

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Sienna Center

ul. Żelazna 28/30
00-833 Warszawa

P: +48 22 436 05 07

F: +48 22 436 05 02

E: info@jwp.pl

Gdańsk Office

HAXO Building
ul. Strzelecka 7B
80-803 Gdańsk

P: 58 511 05 00

F: 58 511 05 00

E: gdansk@jwp.pl

Kraków Office

ul. Kamieńskiego 47
30-644 Kraków

P: 12 655 55 59

F: 12 655 55 59

E: krakow@jwp.pl

WPT Bud. Alfa
ul. Klecińska 123
54-413 Wrocław

P: +48 71 342 50 53

F: +48 71 342 06 11

E: wroclaw@jwp.pl

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