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Tomasz Grucelski
attorney at law
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The protection of goods at the border is another tool that can be utilized when devising the optimal strategy for protecting clients’ exclusive rights. An application for protection is not subject to official charges, and by means of a single application it is possible to obtain protection in Poland, or in some or even all countries of the European Union. Hence, we assist our clients as they seek to prevent exclusive rights violations at the border.


Before obtaining protection:
  • we advise on how to effectively protect intellectual property rights at the border
In order to obtain protection:
  • we prepare and file applications for protection at the border for trademarks and patents (in Poland and other European Union countries as well), among other intellectual property rights
  • we prepare and file motions for extending protection at the border
In case of a violation of an exclusive right at the border:
  • we prepare cautionary letters
  • we conduct mediation/negotiations in order to reach an amicable settlement
  • we conduct simplified proceedings
  • we prepare and file motions for the destruction of goods
  • we conduct civil and criminal proceedings concerning the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights