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Piotr Godlewski
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Iwona Płodzich-Hennig
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Mirosława Ważyńska
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Grzegorz Wesela-Bauman PhD.Eng.
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Katarzyna Strzelecka
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The fields of biotechnology, chemistry, and pharmacy are dynamically developing sectors of the economy. Our BioChem & Pharma team, comprising professional patent attorneys, engineers, and specialists from various scientific fields, was created to meet our clients’ expectations by offering highly specialized intellectual property protection services.


Our BioChem & Pharma team is happy to assist you through:
  • conducting patent searches and analysis
  • performing trade mark searches
  • managing patent and trade mark application/registration procedures before domestic, European, and international administration bodies
  • obtaining supplementary protection certificates (SPC)
  • renewing exclusive rights and recording changes in the relevant registers
  • conducting litigation and court proceedings before domestic and European administration bodies and courts (including protection against infringement and unfair competition)
  • providing legal expert opinions
  • assessing the legal status of intellectual property rights (IP due diligence)
  • offering business-focused consultancy services in the field of intellectual property protection and management
  • preparing contracts (including licence and assignment contracts)
  • facilitating IP transactions (conducting negotiations and providing legal and technical assistance)
  • offering legal advice on the commercialization and transfer of technology


Termination of the exclusive rights [in this case patent is concerned] next to cancellation and revocation of the decision of his award, is one of the reasons for termination of exclusive rights in polish ip law.

Under art. 90  (Act of 30 June 2000 on Industrial Property Law), the patent expires due to:
  1. the period for which it was granted,
  2. waiver by the holder of the patent before the Patent Office
  3. failures of payment periodic fees or
  4. permanent loss of use of the invention, due to lack of resources necessary for this biological material that has become unavailable and can not be reproduced on the basis of the description.