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Joanna Janoszek
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Alicja Kicińska-Fujawa
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Urszula Nowak
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Our Industrial designs are new products or parts whose visual design can be protected. In particular, a design’s lines, shape, colours, texture, materials, or ornamentation may be registered, making effectively protected industrial designs a significant element of a company’s IP portfolio. By devising a bespoke strategy for the protection of a product’s design, we offer clients a comprehensive range of services in this area.


Prior to submission of an industrial design:
  • we analyse its registrability
  • we prepare a legal opinion on the registrability of each design
 In order to obtain protection:
  • we prepare and file industrial design applications with the Polish Patent Office (PPO), EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and, thanks to the long-term relationships we have established with trusted foreign patent attorneys, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

After obtaining protection for an industrial design:
  • we supervise the exclusive rights granted for each industrial design
  • we monitor deadlines for payments of renewal fees in Poland and abroad
  • we request changes and updates to be applied in the relevant registers when necessary
In case of a violation of an industrial design’s exclusive right and/or an act of unfair competition:
  • we prepare cautionary letters
  • we provide a mediation service and assist with negotiations in order to reach an amicable settlement
  • we conduct litigation before patent offices and the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • we conduct proceedings before administrative courts
  • we conduct proceedings in case of a violation of an exclusive right at the border