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An intellectual property rights due diligence study is an in-depth analysis of the state of the company, used to identify and assess the quantity and quality of intangible assets owned by the company, as well as current or future benefits and associated risks.
The study is typically used when formulating a company or project development strategy, conducting a property transformation or reorganization, entering into commercial agreements, launching new products on the market, and during investment processes.
Who is it for?
  • company owners and management, to allow them to identify and verify the condition of the company and to build development strategies
  • managers, to help them properly manage intellectual property resources, in order to determine the legitimacy of obtaining and maintaining the protection of exclusive rights, thereby eliminating unnecessary expenses, establishing proper management structures and procedures, as well as assisting with drawing up agreements and rules
  • potential buyers of intellectual property rights
  • investors who intend to invest in innovative undertakings, such as technology start-ups
  • business partners interested in entering into licensing agreement
Personalized IP due diligence services

Our IP due diligence audits are characterized by our comprehensive and individual approach. The client’s specific needs always determine the audit’s objectives and scope.

The IP due diligence study offered by JWP consists in particular of the following:

  • Identification of intangible assets (IP map)
  • Verification and analysis of ownership of intangible assets and exclusive rights
  • Verification and analysis of the validity of exclusive rights
  • Verification and analysis of the limitations in terms of disposing of intellectual property
  • Verification and analysis of potential infringement of intellectual property
  • Verification and analysis of other encumbrances related to intellectual property
  • Carrying out freedom to operate (FTO) analyses for selected solutions
  • Carrying out other studies concerning industrial property rights
  • Identification of potential threats
  • Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the entire IP portfolio
  • Recommendations concerning risk management and minimizing risks
Modern analytical tools

Collecting, verifying, and assessing data and information connected with a company’s industrial and intellectual property is a key stage of IP due diligence.

We carry out IP searches and analysis (patent, trade mark, and industrial design searches) as part of a personalized IP due diligence audit using professional and state-of-the-art search tools.