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Obtaining exclusive rights to objects of intellectual and industrial property (e.g. by acquiring a patent, trade mark, utility model, or industrial design) is undoubtedly a great success that we are proud to help our clients achieve. However, if those rights are to be maintained, it is vital that the payment terms required by the appropriate authorities are monitored and that all the required formalities are met, including updating data in the register(s) of the exclusive right holder. For this purpose:
  • we supervise renewal payment deadlines
  • we file required payments (worldwide) for the renewal of exclusive rights, including for trade marks, industrial designs, patents, utility models and domain names
  • we initiate and supervise the procedure of making an entry and/or update in national, EU, and international registers
  • we help to obtain records of licences and assignments, among others, in national, EU, and international registers

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