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Dorota Rzążewska
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Anna Hoffman-Flatow
attorney at law
Helena Gajek
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patent & trademark attorney
Tomasz Grucelski
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Tomasz Gawliczek
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Małgorzata Furmańska
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Today, free market competition is a healthy and natural phenomenon. However, occasionally acts of unfair competition are committed, forcing businesses to act to protect their rights. JWP Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys, in cooperation with JWP Attorneys at Law, offer comprehensive services in the field of combating unfair competition. In particular:
  • we prepare legal opinions and analysis in respect of infringements of competition law
  • we conduct civil and criminal cases relating to unfair competition, including:
    • unauthorized imitation of products
    • unfair advertising
    • violations of company secrets and know-how
    • consultancy in the field of information security policies
  • we organize workshops on how to avoid and deal with acts of unfair competition