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In order to obtain effective protection of the invention in Poland, for which a European patent was granted, the applicant is obliged to submit to the Polish Patent Office the translation of said patent into Polish, within 3 months from the date of publishing the mention of the grant by EPO (B1 publication). Such procedure is called validation of the European patent.

JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys have been offering professional translations of European patents for many years. The experienced team of specialists in various fields and developed high standards ensure efficient and timely execution of orders we are entrusted with.

Our clients are offered comprehensive service in relation to validation of European patents (including taking over representation before the Polish Patent Office) comprising:

  • preparation of professional translations (translations are verified by the team of patent attorneys and specialists in the particular field);
  • timely filing of documentation required in the validation procedure at the Polish Patent Office as well as payment of obligatory fees;
  • registering changes of applicant’s details within the validation procedure;
  • handling formalities arising from official Patent Office requests in relation to formal requirements/changes of applicant’s details;
  • obtaining provisional protection;
  • obtaining records of open licence;
  • preparation and submission to the Polish Patent Office of amended translations after opposition procedure or limitation of the patent by EPO.