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Anna Haznar PhD

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European Patent Attorney (EQE)
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Anna Haznar specializes in conducting patent searches and also participates in preparation of patent applications in the field of materials engineering, physics, nanotechnology and computer science. She has over 10 years of experience in research and development, including inventions in the field of nanotechnology. She gained her extensive experience, inter alia, at the Institute of Low Temperatures and Structure Research at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Wrocław, CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory, AXIT sp. z o.o.” and Wrocław Research Centre (WRC EIT +).

  • Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys, Patent Attorney Trainee
  • Basic training course on European Patent Law, CEIPI (Université de Strasbourg)
  • Polish Academy of Sciences, PhD: Department of Crystallography, Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research
  • Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology, Materials Engineering
  • EQE – European qualifying examination, European Patent Office, Munich

  • Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys

  • English

  • Soft X-ray resonant magnetic scattering from a Ni layer with modulated magnetic anisotropy
    A.Haznar i in., Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 11 (2004), s. 254-260.
  • Magnetic memory in discrete media observed by coherent soft x-ray resonant scattering
    G. Beutier i in., New Journal of Physics 11 (2009)