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JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys is a team of experienced professionals in the field of IP protection, which offers comprehensive legal services for Polish and foreign clients for over 25 years now. The dynamic development of the company and the desire to extend the range of services provided, allowed us to create JWP GROUP, which includes: JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys, JWP Attorneys at Law and JWP Foundation.
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The 33rd annual MARQUES conference was held in Dublin. Our firm was represented by Magdalena Maksimowska, patent attorney and head of the Trademarks and Industrial Designs team.
During the AIPPI World Congress 2019 in London, JWP was represented by Dorota Rzążewska and Joanna Janoszek. The Congress was an opportunity to meet many old and new friends, establish good relations and also have fun.
The 16th Ecological Forum of the Chemical Industry organized by the "Responsibility and Care" Program together with the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry will start on September 25 in Wrocław.
Tomasz Grucelski, advocate, patent attorney and JWP Partner will participate in the annual plenary meeting of the EUIPO Observatory as only representative of the ECTA (European Communities Trademark Association).
It is becoming increasingly common that buyers expect sellers to make binding guarantees that reselling products purchased from the sellers will not infringe on any third-party patents.
For more than twenty years Roger Federer was bound to a sponsorship deal with Nike which included a line of products bearing his “RF” initials. The deal expired in March 2018 and Federer lost the right to use the logo.
Please be informed that JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys offices will be closed on 15th August 2019 due to national holiday. Our office hours on the remaining days do not change (9:00-17:00).
JWP was one of only three companies in Poland recommended in terms of both the prosecution and litigation and transactions tables in the Polish chapter of the IAM Patent 1000.

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ul. Żelazna 28/30
00-833 Warszawa

JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys
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P: +48 22 436 05 07

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E: info@jwp.pl

Gdańsk Office

HAXO Building
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Kraków Office

ul. Kamieńskiego 47
30-644 Kraków

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WPT Bud. Alfa
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E: wroclaw@jwp.pl

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