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Dorota Rzążewska
attorney at law
patent & trademark attorney
We offer comprehensive legal assistance during the registration and maintenance of Internet domain names, in particular by providing protection against abuse by third parties. Furthermore, we help to ensure that trade marks (mostly used in domain names) and copyrights used on websites are also protected.
In order to register an Internet domain name:
  • we perform a preliminary search to verify that the requested domain name does not infringe the rights of third parties
  • we prepare legal opinions and analysis
  • we prepare and file an application to register a domain name
After registering a domain name:
  • we file payments for the domain name’s registration and renewal
In case of a violation of the rights to a domain name [.com] and [.eu]:
  • we prepare a cautionary letter
  • we provide mediation services and assist with negotiations in order to reach an amicable settlement
  • we conduct arbitration proceedings before the arbitral tribunal
In order to acquire the rights to a domain name or for the purpose of selling/buying/leasing/assignment etc.:
  • we prepare legal opinions and analysis
  • we draft contracts to assist clients in their efforts to manage the rights of Internet domain names