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Providing comprehensive protection of inventions is one of the key areas of practice for our law firm. We offer professional assistance in obtaining exclusive rights for inventions (patents), first by conducting thorough patent searches, then obtaining a patent, and eventually maintaining it once it is in force. Moreover, we act to effectively prevent infringements by third parties. Here are some of the actions we undertake:
Prior to filing a patent application:
  • we conduct a thorough patent search (examination of patentability in a literature search, prior art etc.)
  • we prepare legal opinions and analysis on patentability
In order to obtain a patent for an invention:
  • we prepare and file patent applications in different territories: nationally through the Polish Patent Office, on a European scale through the European Patent Office, and internationally through the Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • we undertake a process to validate European patents in Poland
  • we obtain supplementary protection certificates (SPCs)
In order to ensure that an exclusive right remains in force:
  • we supervise the payment schedule of official fees
  • we file payments for granted exclusive rights and their renewals
In the case of infringement of a patent:
  • we prepare cautionary letters
  • we conduct mediation and negotiations in order to reach an amicable settlement
  • we conduct litigation before the Polish Patent Office (UPRP) and administrative courts
  • we conduct civil and criminal proceedings
In order to sell/buy/licence/assign etc. exclusive rights:
  • we perform an audit of the legal status of IP assets
  • we prepare legal opinions and relevant analysis
  • we draft contracts to help clients manage, implement, and commercialize their patents, among others



Termination of the exclusive rights [in this case patent is concerned] next to cancellation and revocation of the decision of his award, is one of the reasons for termination of exclusive rights in polish ip law.

Under art. 90  (Act of 30 June 2000 on Industrial Property Law), the patent expires due to:
  1. the period for which it was granted,
  2. waiver by the holder of the patent before the Patent Office
  3. failures of payment periodic fees or
  4. permanent loss of use of the invention, due to lack of resources necessary for this biological material that has become unavailable and can not be reproduced on the basis of the description.