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Sławomir Budziński
patent attorney
patent & trademark attorney
Małgorzata Trejgis
patent attorney
patent & trademark attorney
Mirosława Ważyńska
patent & trademark attorney
Konrad Ptasiński PhD
patent & trademark attorney
Grzegorz Wesela-Bauman PhD.Eng.
patent & trademark attorney
Paulina Młynarska
patent & trademark attorney
Paweł Kocańda
patent & trademark attorney
We offer professional protection of utility models, i.e. a new and useful technical solution concerning the shape, construction, or assembly of an object with a stable form.
In order to protect the rights of a utility model:
  • we conduct a detailed search to determine its registrability
  • we prepare legal opinions and analysis on registrability
  • we prepare and file applications with the Polish Patent Office


In order to maintain protection:
  • we file payments for official fees for the registration and renewal of exclusive rights of utility models
  • we supervise renewal payment deadlines
In case of a violation of an exclusive right conferred by a registered utility model:
  • we prepare a cautionary letter in cases dealing with violations of registered utility models
  • we offer a mediation service and assist with negotiations in order to reach an amicable settlement
  • we conduct civil and criminal proceedings
In order to sell/buy/lease/license/assign exclusive rights for utility models:
  • we prepare legal opinions and analysis
  • we perform audit of IP assets (due diligence)
  • we draft contracts